Ellie Suh is a 2nd generation Korean American actor based in Los Angeles. You can find her on screen working stunts on Gerard Butler’s latest movie Cop Shop or as an injured wedding guest on the Apple show For All Mankind. Ellie has also had the privilege of working on 2 national commercials this past year. She’s often casted as the She often plays roles like XYZ

After working many years on the business side of entertainment at advertising agencies (with clients like NBC and Universal Pictures), she decided to make the move to sunny Los Angeles to lean into her passion for storytelling. She hopes to contribute to the movement towards diversity in the entertainment industry to help others feel empowered to follow their own dreams. Ellie Suh was born and raised in New Jersey TO KOREAN AMERICAN PARENTS. Ellie attended Boston College, where she majored in Psychology and Communications (initially, to her parents’ dismay).THIS IS WHY I WANT TO DO THIS. 

During her free time if she’s not training, you can find Ellie either taking endless videos of her two dogs (@lildooboo_gamja) or practicing her newly found cooking skills.

WHAT IS MY TYPE? Can add tagline, adjectives that describes the roles that i play a lot.she’s often casted as