Ellie Jungeun Suh is a Hong Kong-based Korean graphic designer and illustrator. Her works are heavily inspired by her multicultural upbringing – spending most of her years across South Korea, South Africa and the United States. 


With an affinity for vibrant colours and gradients, she is best known for her bright, conceptual illustrations depicting the everyday life of individuals in bold tints and striking geometric shapes. Her inspirations are femininity, the people around her and nature - especially the sun. She believes sunlight has its own personality, reflected in each individual, object and space. Drawing from her background in painting and fine art, she aims to capture the transient effect of light on various colours in nature. 
Through her art, she celebrates self-forgiving and the process of healing from traumas and insecurities. She makes art to transform raw suffering into theraputic experiences for herself and her viewers.

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